How To Survive First Contact With An INTJ

On the Amtrak somewhere in Maryland, July 30, 2015 – Enjoy this thoughtful post from fellow author and INTJ Yawatta Hosby!


INTJs can seem standoffish, but don’t be afraid when you meet us. I promise we won’t bite. Here’s some tips to understand us better and to gain our respect:

1.  Please be on time. We try very hard to be punctual and expect you to do the same. If you’re late (even if only by five minutes), I know I get annoyed.

2.  INTJs have a strong sense of humor, often sarcastic and/or warped. We will make ourselves and everything else the butt of our jokes, witticisms, and nonsensical remarks. If you’re sensitive or get your feelings hurt easily, we’ll probably make you uncomfortable.

3.  Try not to be repetitive. It bores us to death, and trust me, when I say we’ll let you know that we’re bored. Unfortunately, I don’t have a poker face.

4.  In the privacy of our minds, INTJs often think the unthinkable and expect the…

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