Microfiction: Intuition

February 12, 2018


by Maria Riegger

“I don’t believe in psychics. You’re crazy.”

“Then how come I always call you when you’re thinking of me?”

My sister waved a hand dismissively. “It’s because we grew up together. It’s just — intuition.”

“Aha!” I said, with the success of a mystic who has just begun to convert a newbie. “Yes, intuition.”

She looked at me, uncertain.

I continued carefully. “Did it occur to you that psychic ability is merely highly developed intuition?”

“What do you mean?”

“People who know of events before they occur, they’re just highly sensitive. They’re able to focus their energy. Sometimes they isolate —”

“Like you?” She smirked.

She was dissing my introverted nature, but I didn’t care. I was enjoying this conversation too much.

“Yes, I isolate. Wanna know why?”


“I get overstimulated by modern life. All the devices, smartphones, tablets. I go to the damn gas station, there’s a screen showing TMZ. At the doctor’s office, a TV’s blaring inane crap about how to be healthy. Of course, I want to be healthy. That’s why I go to the damn doctor’s office!”

My sister laughed and I smiled.

“My point is,” I continued, “there’s so much chatter. It interferes with my energy and my thoughts, and I can’t focus. I isolate because I can’t stand the noise. If more people rid themselves of the chatter, they could get in tune with their intuition.”

“You mean their psychic intuition.”



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